Solid Quit-Smoking Advice To Help You Quit

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Want to quit smoking? Surveys indicate that over 70% of smokers want to quit, but they simply do not know how. Fortunately, the below article contains an abundance of advice to help you quit smoking.

First, you need to make a plan to reduce your cravings when they arise. Understand that you will encounter many strong cravings when quitting, and getting through them is not easy. Whenever you experience a craving, you must be prepared to tackle it. Otherwise, you are much more likely to give in to your cravings.

There are several strategies you can utilize to help you get through the cravings. The first is to find other items to put into your mouth to satisfy your oral fixation until your urge passes. For instance, you could slowly drink water. You could also chew on gum, mints, or ice. Avoid chewing on food, especially high-calorie food, because this can cause you to gain weight. Some smokers who are successful in quitting smoking will turn to food to comfort them, and although they are giving up an extremely bad habit, they are replacing it with an equally dangerous one.

Another strategy you can utilize to get through the urges is to exercise. Whenever you exercise, you release feel-good endorphins in your body, which can help you get over any cravings you have, including cigarettes. This not only helps you get through the cravings, but it can also minimize unwanted weight gain that may occur by quitting smoking.

Although dealing with cravings is important, you should take measures to minimize your cravings. For instance, try to minimize your time around other smokers. Being around these people can instantly trigger a craving, and if you are near a store, then you are very likely to succumb to the craving. Therefore, avoid frequenting areas where other smokers are.

Another method of reducing cravings is to change up your daily routine in every possible way. This even includes the small stuff, such as when you take out the trash. Whenever you participate in the same daily activities at the same time every day, you are likely to experience strong cravings during the times when you normally smoke. By creating a new routine, you won’t be able to associate a specific time as “smoking time.” This will help reduce cravings.

Finally, make sure you remain committed on your journey. There are probably going to be many roadblocks along the way. You are going to experience many cravings, regardless of how much you attempt to reduce them. You are likely going to fail a few times along the way. The important thing is to remain dedicated. Eventually, you are going to figure out how to succeed.

Giving up the smoking addiction is not going to be easy. However, once you do, you are going to be extremely happy because you know that your health and the health of those around you will be significantly improved. Refer back to this article whenever you need advice on quitting. You can do it!

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