Ready to Quit Smoking? Here is Some Great Advice

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The moment that you decided that you were ready to quit smoking your were probably both excited and nervous. That is very normal. Living a smoke free life is great, but it can be hard to reach that point. Now that you are ready to quit you should read this article to get some advice on the next steps that you should take in order to beat your addiction.

The first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with your physician. Your doctor is your best resource when it comes to determining the means in which you plan to quit. Your doctor can also let you know if you are healthy enough for certain methods that are available to you, as some of them can have adverse effects for those with heart or liver problems. Finally, if you would like, you can have your doctor help you to monitor how your health changes as you transition from being a smoker to a non-smoker, which can be something that can help to motivate you to quit and remain smoke free.

Tell all of your friends and family about your intentions. If you want to quit you need to have the people in your life on your side. It is most important for those that do smoke to support your decision. If they want to remain in your life they need to understand that you need to be in smoke free environments at all times and that you may be unable to accompany them at their home or in their car due to the chances that the smells will cause too strong of cravings. It is also helpful to have people that expect you to soon be a non-smoker. Chances are that most people in your life will be happy to hear the news and look forward to the new you.

Clean your home and car as well as you can. This means that you should give these spaces a deep cleaning. Address every area including walls, ceiling fixtures, your floors and any drapes that you have. Now that you are no longer a smoker, you should have a home that reflects this. Smoking covers all surfaces with a layer of tar that causes your home to smell like an ashtray. Clean your home so that you are no longer inhaling the residue that you had left behind. Another benefit is that people will know when they come to your home that you are a non-smoker, which is something that you have to be proud of. Be sure to follow this step as soon as you become smoke free so that you can have the best chance at staying that way.

Now that you have made the biggest decision of your life, all that is left is for you to take action and realize your goal. Put the tips you just read to use for you as you fight to become a non-smoker. As long as you do you will find the success that you are looking for.

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