Methods and Strategies To Aid You In Quitting Smoking

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Making that concrete decision to quit smoking is more than just making up your mind. That is where it starts, but you must know how you’re going to accomplish this monumental task. Consider the following information you’re about to read, and think about the methods and strategies presented to aid you in quitting smoking.

One way many people try to quit smoking is by going cold turkey. Have you ever tried this before? Especially heavier smokers are usually not able to do this. You may start out motivated and ready to go, but you’re most likely going to have to have a much more involved plan than just quitting all the sudden. However, if you haven’t tried before, and if you’re a light smoker, cold turkey is an option.

Surely, you’ve heard of nicotine gum. This is popular form of nicotine replacement therapy in which you are also able to keep your mouth busy. Gum is very popular, in general, to those who wish to quit smoking. Of course, you only chew the gum when you need it, and you’re supposed to use it to help you slowly wean yourself back from nicotine as you focus on not lighting up a cigarette.

If you don’t want to get your nicotine in the form of gum, you can use the patch. This allows you again to get the nicotine in the same manner as the gum only without any action. Since smoking has a lot to do with using your hands and mouth, you’re going to have to think of other ways to keep yourself busy. This goes with or without the gum, however, so think about this as you develop your plan.

Have you heard about the electronic cigarettes? There are many types and brands to choose from, and it’s just like smoking an actual cigarette, only you don’t actually take smoke and those harmful ingredients into your lungs. Instead, it works as a nicotine replacement therapy by way of simulated smoking. Your electronic cigarette lights up at the end and also lets you take a drag and blow out vapor. The drag tastes like your favorite flavor, and you can get any strength in both menthol and full flavor.

There are sometimes smoking cessation classes available in different areas. You can also join support groups online. And, you can get information about your options from your doctor concerning support as well. Plus, there are also prescription medications that are available to help you quit. These can be an option if you don’t want to try the nicotine patch, gum or electronic cigarette.

Think about the different solutions you’ve read about here. There is no need to make quitting smoker harder than it has to be; it’s already hard enough. Therefore, consider the options you now know, and think about which one best fits your needs. Develop the rest of your plan, set a date, and put those cigarettes away for life, knowing you are an ex-smoker now.

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