Helpful Advice On Kicking The Smoking Habit

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One of the most difficult habits to kick is smoking. The addiction to nicotine can be overwhelming. However, when you think about all of the harmful effects of smoking on yourself and to those around you, you know that quitting is something that you should do. If you want to get started, read this article for some basic but helpful advice.

Addictions are psychological. You first have to make up your mind to quit. You know that this will not be an easy process, so this prepares your mindset of what is ahead. Sticking to your commitment will take a lot of will power. One thing you can do is to write down all of the positive reasons for quitting smoking on a sheet of paper. Then write down all of the negative things that can happen if you do not quit. Read these two lists regularly to remind yourself why you have to quit. This further reinforces in your mind the importance of sticking to your commitment.

Pick a time and date to throw away all of the cigarettes and lighters that are in your possession. Look around your house, and gather them up. You can even tell your close friends or family members about it, and ask them to witness this. On the specified date and time, take your bundle and toss it in a dumpster. Do not just toss it in your trash cans at home because you will tempted to fish them out. After you had tossed them, go out with your friends for a meal to celebrate. Make a big deal of it, because that will help you stick to your guns.

If you cannot get yourself to throw away all of your cigarettes and quit cold turkey, you should at least set a deadline for yourself to quit for good. Write this date on a calendar. Tell your close friends and family about it so that they can support you. You can make a point to throw away some cigarettes, little by little, until you reach that date. Decrease the number of cigarettes that you are smoking daily. Gradually easing into it may not seem as traumatic.

Talk to your doctor about effective methods that can help you quit smoking. He may recommend therapy or medication. He may know of local support groups that are made up of people in your exact situation. Get a physical so you will know the current condition of your lungs and body.

There are things that can help you redirect your craving for cigarettes. Some people find chewing gum an effective distraction. Sucking on hard candy may do the trick as well. Going out for a brief exercise can also get your body’s attention away from the craving.

Just remember to stay positive in your efforts. Recruit trusted friends to support you. Feel good about yourself that you are doing something about it right now. There are thousands of people who have successfully quit smoking, and you can one of them.

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