Help Yourself To Quit Smoking With This Solid Advice

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Most people that smoke know how hard it is to quit. If quitting is something you’ve wanted to do for quite some time, then you’re in luck. This article is going to give you some pointers that have been proven to work for people. Find what works for you here and get to where you can be smoke free.

The days leading up to when you’re going to be quitting are important. You should start by lowering how much you smoke. Try to only smoke half a cigarette at a time and try to taper it down lower than that if you can. Get rid of all of your ashtrays, lighters, and don’t allow people to smoke in your house on the day you quit. If people must smoke inside, then you are going to have to work out a way to leave while they smoke so you don’t get tempted.

You need to realize that the first couple of days that you’ve quit smoking, you’re going to be pretty uncomfortable. You’ll constantly crave smoking, and you’ll have a bad attitude too. Everything is going to make you stressed and want to smoke. It’s best to just stay away from anything that’s too stressful. If you can do it on one of your days off so you don’t have to deal with work then that is recommended. Let your loved ones know that you may be grouchy but it has nothing to do with them it just has to do with you craving smoking.

To help you quit smoking, try reading over the harmful things smoking does to your body. You’ll find images that show people with throat and lung cancer, which may shock you into wanting to quit. However, if you are just too grossed out by images you can just read stories about people who smoked and lost their lives to it. It’s really an eye opener to know that you’re willingly poisoning yourself. You’re just throwing money away basically to get yourself sick. It does not make a lot of sense when you think of it that way.

Track your progress and reward yourself at regular intervals. Every time that you want to go out and get a pack of cigarettes, put that money that you would’ve spent on them in a bank account. Don’t use this bank account for anything but saving your smoking money. Once you reach milestones in quitting, then you can access this money. The first week of quitting, then the next month, and so on. Once you figure out just how much you’ve been wasting on smoking, it will be very hard for you to turn back.

Now you should be able to see that it’s not impossible to quit smoking. It will be rough and you may fail at it a few times, but don’t give up. You are an important person on this planet and you should try your best to live the longest life you can.

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