Five Tips To Dropping Your Smoking Habit

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There are many smokers that walk around each day with the desire to quit smoking. These people have a problem quitting because some of them are unsure about how to go about it or have tried and failed. You will find some great tips that can help you quit smoking if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of smokers.

Coming to the realization that you have a problem and that your health and wallet are significantly impacted with your habit is the first step in quitting for good. Once you realize that you are paying an awful lot of money just to slowly kill yourself, you may find it a little easier to quit. Sometimes, knowing the health risks is not enough, but when you couple in the monetary damages you are doing, it could be what you need to get serious about quitting.

At each appointment that you go to with your doctor, he will ask you if you are still smoking. The next time he asks you that, ask for his advice about how to quit. Tell him that you are ready and that you would like to know the best medical advice about how to do it. He will likely give you pamphlets to read as well as some oral advice and maybe even a prescription medication to assist you. Once you have that advice, use it.

Keep yourself busy. If you find that you have too much leisure time during your day, find a new hobby to keep you busy. The less downtime you have, the less you will be thinking about smoking that next cigarette. Instead of following a meal with a cigarette, go for a walk, play a video game or work with some wood. Changing your routine will make it much easier to quit.

Utilize the many tools available. There are gums, patches and even electronic cigarettes that can help you curb your need for nicotine. Many smokers have found these tools to be quite effective. Electronic cigarettes can help you get the nicotine that you need without all of the toxins found in cigarettes. It will also help you get the feel of having that cigarette in your hand while you use it. It will be easier to cut yourself off of the e-cigs than it will be the real thing.

Your friends and family could be the support that you need. You must be sure to tell them that you are trying to quit. This way, those who smoke can avoid smoking around you and not give you a cigarette when you ask for one. Make sure that they understand what you are going through so that they will be more understanding if you are short with them.

With so many reasons to quit, your health should be the one that pushes you to drop the habit the most. You want to live a full life that does not require you to carry around an oxygen machine or hack up a lung several times a day. Use the tips from above and soon you will be one of the non-smokers.

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