Effective Advice To Help You Kick The Smoking Habit

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Everyone knows that smoking is bad for one’s health. Yet, a lot of smokers are unable to quit. The nicotine addiction is often too strong for long-time smokers to overcome if they do not have a plan of attack. If you have been unsuccessfully trying to quit smoking, do not give up. This article will provide you with helpful advice that can help you stop smoking for good.

Some people say that quitting cold turkey is the best approach. However, that really depends on the individual. For some long-term smokers, quitting cold turkey overwhelms them with stress and anxiety. A lot of times, they wind up picking up their cigarettes again because they just could not handle how their body reacted. That is okay. Only you can know what you can handle. If you need to, ease into tapering off of cigarettes. Gradually decrease the number of cigarettes that you smoke during a day. This will give your body time to adjust to the decreased nicotine content, and it gives you a better chance to stick with your goal.

You can consult with your doctor to see about nicotine replacement therapy. Smokers who used nicotine patches report good results. Your doctor can help you decide the ideal therapy for you.

Do not think that you have to go through this alone. Quitting smoking is a big change in your life. It will affect your mood and it will affect the people around you. Tell your circle of friends and family that you are kicking the habit. Ask them to support you. You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of positive responses that you will receive. Your friends and family can support you by being there to encourage you when you need a boost.

You will need to find something to substitute your craving for cigarettes. A lot of people turn to chewing minty gum. The mint gives your mouth a sensation that is pleasant. Plus, the chewing motion keeps your mouth busy. Sucking on hard candy can also help. Do not substitute smoking with snacking. You do not want to end up with a weight problem.

There will times when someone invites you to a social gathering where there will be smokers around. Try to avoid those situations. Being around a smoker will tempt you in smoking yourself. While you are still in the quitting stage, it is better not to attend those types of functions.

Set little milestones for yourself as you are moving toward your goal of being smoke-free. When you have reduced the amount of cigarettes that you smoke to half, reward yourself. This motivates you to continue until you have entirely quit. When that big day comes, go and celebrate with your non-smoking friends.

Kicking the smoking habit is hard, but is not impossible. It will take a lot of willpower from you. However, if you take the advice offered here and make the commitment to stick with it, you will reach your smoke-free goal before you know it.

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