Advice To Aid In Quitting Smoking

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Just about anyone will be able to quit smoking if they are prepared for the battle they are about to take on. Gaining the right knowledge and acquiring the willpower to quit are the two things that must be done to be successful for the last time. Below, you will find great advice that will aid you in your battle against your smoking habit.

You must be ready to quit smoking. If you are not ready to completely quit, you are going to put yourself through all of this just to take up the habit again. Tell yourself each and every day that you have to quit because you want to live. Soon, you will have reached the point where you are really ready to quit for good.

A positive attitude can go a long way. If you wake up each morning and tell yourself that you can do it, then you will. Look yourself in the mirror and commend yourself for your efforts. It may seem silly at first, but it will help you remind yourself that the battle you are going through is difficult and that you are doing a great job dealing with it.

Know that it will not be easy before you begin the process. If you go into this thinking that you can just drop the habit like that, you will likely fail. It is going to be a long hard road and the battle could actually last many years. You may have to fight the urges to smoke many times a day for the next several years.

Changing up your daily routine could help you. Instead of heading to the kitchen first thing in the morning for your coffee and morning smoke, hop right in the shower. Changing up the way that you do things each day could be the best way to avoid the urges that you will fight.

Use goals to get through each month. If you are not quitting cold turkey, try to cut down slowly. Limit yourself to one cigarette an hour, then one every two hours. Extend the time between cigarettes until you reach the point where you only need one or two a day. Once you reach that point, you may be able to quit completely.

Use the stop-smoking aids that are available. Very few smokers are able to quit without the help of some tool. Try patches, gums, and electronic cigarettes to assist you through the hard times. Your doctor may even be able to prescribe you a medication that will help you through. There are many new drugs that can help you quit while allowing you to continue to smoke while they build up in your system.

Put the money that you would have normally spent on cigarettes each week in a jar. Once you have managed to quit, buy yourself something nice with that money. You might be surprised at how much money you will have in that jar by the time you quit. You might even get enough to take yourself on a cruise.

Use this advice daily, and soon, you will no longer rely on your cigarettes daily. You will feel, look, and smell much better before you know it.

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