8 Tips to Quit Smoking For Good

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If you’re a regular smoker, you’ve probably already noticed the negative impact smoking has on your life and health. If you are motivated in the right ways, you can quit smoking for good. Read these 8 tips to help you quit smoking for good.

1. List the harmful impact smoking has had on you

From impacting your ability to maintain good health, to costing you relationships or job advancement, smoking, and the stigma associated with it, has likely played a negative role in your life. List the concrete experiences you’ve had with smoking and how you’ve noticed it take its toll over the years. This will help motivate you to quit.

2. Realize how much you spend on cigarettes each year

If you’re a regular smoker, you’ve probably spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on smoking this past year alone. Add that up to the number of years you’ve been smoking and you’ll see how much smoking has cost you over the years. Think of the ways you could spend that money in the future to better yourself or the world around you. Think of how much money you’ll be saving just by quitting or cutting back on smoking.

3. Find the root of your “smoking mechanism”

Many times people reach for their pack of cigarettes out of anxiety. For some people, the desire to smoke comes from boredom or perhaps depression. For some, smoking comes attached with years of feeling that they will fail or that they aren’t successful in life. What is the root of your “smoking mechanism”? Look for the source of your desire to smoke and be candid with yourself.

4. Take steps toward removing cigarettes from your life

Do you have a favorite place to smoke? Perhaps you have a time you smoke every day or some sort of routine that involves smoking. Imagine yourself with a routine that doesn’t involve smoking. In your mind, replace your cigarette routine with another routine that is healthier and more positive for your life. Visualize yourself enjoying this new routine and then take steps toward recreating that routine in real life.

5. Investigate the hidden costs of smoking

Apart from the financial cost and obvious health complications associated with smoking like lung cancer, the carcinogens contained in cigarettes cause a host of other illnesses, for example bladder cancer. Research the multitudes of diseases that are caused by smoking and imagine what your life would be like with those illnesses. How would your life change? Imagine yourself in the future dealing with these illnesses. This will give you motivation to quit for good.

6. Make your cigarettes less accessible

Hide your cigarettes from yourself or throw your last pack out and promise not to buy another. Try not carrying cigarettes around with you. It may seem like an impossible task, but if you retrain your brain to not be dependent on smoking, you can cut them out for good.

7. Look at anti-smoking images

Perhaps a visual representation of the damage cigarettes cause people will give you more motivation to quit. Look online at images of people who are afflicted with cigarette-related illnesses. Try to understand that that may be how you look on the inside too. Simply viewing those images may be enough to get you to quit for good.

8. Say “goodbye” to smoking

Saying “goodbye” to cigarettes can feel like saying “goodbye” to an old companion. You may have many memories of smoking and it is time to part with them. By ending smoking, you’re ending an era of your life and changing your identity. You aren’t a “smoker” anymore. It’s time to set aside your cigarettes and say “sayonara” to your toxic relationship.

These tips will give you motivation to quit smoking for good and stick with it. You will have to reconceptualize your life without cigarettes, but the benefits to quitting smoking will bring a healthy, happier life.

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